RM Thamrin

While traveling in the city of Sibolga, RM Thamrin was the one famous restaurant, providing fresh seafood. Located on Jalan Thamrin Sibolga. The unique point of the restaurant was the owner’s passion about food. With the best raw materials, especially fish that are very popular with the community and the fish is still fresh, he adopted a system of observing, imitating and modifying. Some of the current flagship menu is the result of its own modification.

The price of food menu that they offer is very diverse but still affordable, and  precisely more cheaper than Medan or Jakarta. So the restaurant has a regular customer from various circles. Some of the capital’s artists who ever perform in the city of Sibolga will definitely stop at RM Thamrin just to taste their speciality menu, such as crab corn soup, black pepper crab, three taste chicken fillet, salted egg fried squid and tauco shrimp tofu. Not only the food menu is a mainstay, RM Thamrin also has appetizers and desserts that are loved by the customers.

When in Sibolga, you will be spoiled with some of the most delicious seafood dishes. All kinds of fresh fish, crabs, shrimps, squids and other catch from the sea along with regional favourites such as sate padang and nasi goreng are sure to satisfy your appetite. A must try is the authentic pesisir (coastal) recipe for deep fried crab.

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